2nd annual HOps in the hills craft brew festival... June 24-25, 2016



Get outside in gorgeous Maryville during Hops in the Hills. 

Gateway to the Smoky Mountains, Maryville is home to some of America's most spectacular scenery. Let our amazing location lift your spirits. 



Taste cool, rich flavors from local craft brewers. 

Our festival showcases the area's finest brews. Join the gathering of artisans who take pride in their craft and who want to share their beer with you.



We would like to thank all of our generous sponsors.

The sponsors for Hops in the Hills heighten our craft brews festival with great local business support, infusing it with community spirit. 

Join our seminars and experience craft brewing as it taps into all your senses.

Flavor? Yes. but we're also talking sustainable agriculture, environmental factors and the process behind the production. 


A celebration of fermentation

From the bine to the glass . . . as part of this celebration, we will be hosting two seminars. The Hops seminar will launch a conversation into the agriculture involved in artisan brewing. Along with a discussion of the art of crafting a fine brew, the Craft Beer 101 seminar will introduce you to some of the best brewers and specialists in the area.

Hops in The Hills is the anchor event to Summer on Broadway, which will include The Big BBQ Bash*, Last Friday Art Walk, Maryville Farmers Market, and many other activities.

*The Big BBQ Bash is a Kansas City Barbecue Society competition. KCBS sanctions barbecue and grilling competitions across the U.S., promoting barbecue as "America's cuisine." In addition, KCBS, the largest organization of barbecue and grilling enthusiasts with more than 15,000 members worldwide, has an extensive Certified Barbecue Judging program.